hello and welcome to my personal website!

you can call me pebble. i am in my 20s and i use ze/hir pronouns. join me as i escape the commercialized hellscape that is the modern internet!

if you poke around you'll find personal updates, opinion writing, media recs, and more. just scroll down and click the icons to explore!

Joined: 15 July 2023
Last Updated: 25 February 2024

diary entry
pivoting the format of the projects page to be less "what i'm working on" and more "how i'm doing." today i've added several paragraphs of unedited rambling about job searching, cabin fever, politics, and my serious need for therapy. a little oversharey, but it's my website and i'll cry if i want to.

29 january music recs
added 8 songs to the music recs page! mostly newer releases with a couple older gems mixed in. i've been listening to a lot of female rappers lately -- meg and ice spice made the list, but honorable mentions are flyana boss, flo milli (looking forward to her new album this year!), leikeli47, and coi leray. as for my music exploration, i'm starting to creep out of my post-punk/goth phase to dive into punk and riot grrrl.

january 19
just hopping in to say that i'm not dead and this site is not abandoned! i'm just depressed again lmao. thanks for visiting!

meme dump #4
10 october: whoaaaaa so many memes! yippee! 13 memes added (omg the taylor swift number?) including 5 homestuck memes to celebrate the hs^2 upd8, a stranger things meme, and a chicago med meme because that's a show i'm into right now ehehe. there's also a new template here and a bonus homestuck meme using it

27 september
yipee, i updated my projects page! give it a read for info about what's going on with me as well as what to expect on future site upd8s. not mentioned on that page: will be adding memes and maybe some music recs in the coming days!

30 august
y'all i'm so sorry i have many memes and a short thinkpiece that i'll be sharing soon but le webmaster is bipolar and currently kinda depressed so . there shall be some delays. i'll continue to update the highlight and side boxes most days like i have been just to stay used to upkeeping this place!! not goin anywhere just pls be patient. bless.

some things i forgot to mention!
there's some stuff in the video and art pages that i didn't mention on this homepage when i added them! go check em out

lgbt history
the lgbt+ page has two new additions! the first is a pdf of the book The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions, which is a genre-bending mix of fantasy, historical satire, and manifesto. some of my favorite pages (using the numbers on the page, not the PDF) are p.21 ♀, p.62 ♕, and p.76 ☮. he second is Verzaubert, a 1993 documentary featuring interviews with lgbt people who lived through nazi germany, including some who survived concentration camps. this former piece of lost media is in german with english closed captioning.

meme dump #3
20 august: weehoo here's 16 cringe ass memes, impact font galore as god intended. 4 fandom memes included (gorillaz, mlp:fim, and homestuck)

20 august music rec drop~
added 11 songs from a variety of different years and genres to the music page! there's a fuckin bratz (like the dolls) song on there that i listened to last night and it's such an earworm lmao. also i'll be adding an SCM music player to this site very very soon with all the music recs built in, plus maybe some extras :3

Quim Magazine
scans of the first two issues of Quim magazine, an erotic magazine "for dykes of all sexual persuasions." it's not all smut! there is a lot of insight into the minds, sex lives, and political discourse in sapphic communities at the time which i found very very interesting. so little has changed in the last 30+ years...

addition to leftpol
the leftpol page now contains a link to the full text of Carceral Captialism by Jackie Wang. this is a collection of essays on how the systems of financial debt, policing, and incarceration work together against black americans to prop up governmental budgets, further concentrate wealth in the hands of the white bourgeoisie, and fund the continued systematic oppression of black and poor people.

meme dump #2
04 august: added 10 memes to the memes page, including an unintentionally high proportion of cat memes. hey, what else is the internet for?

all 2014 big sur photos!
in celebration of karlie kloss' birthday, i koded a page for the gaylor archive with all the big sur instagram pictures! this'll be the last addition to the gaylor archive for a bit (probably?)

added to the gaylor archive: a collection of taylor being gay on main for her interviewers
3 interview clips and some discussion around moments where taylor swift got flirty with her female interviewers! includes the "raytay" interview, iykyk (and iy-DON'T-k, give this page a read! )

in the works as of 30 july:
revising my "on bisexual lesbianism" essay into something with a wider scale. i want to use it to discuss what it means to identify as or with something, why we form community around labels, and the value of critical inclusion. i'd like to actually say something worthwhile instead of just sharing my lukewarm take on niche internet queer discourse.

28 july music rec drop! and a bonus meme!
music recs coming in hot! check out the music page for a vaguely barbie-themed drop that includes two full albums - The Age of Pleasure by Janelle Monae and Gabber by PANIC PARADISE RAVE DEPARTMENT.

2 new writings in the leftpol library
26 july: an oft-cited zine about prison abolition by the anarchist group dysophia ("what about the rapists?"), and a detailed crimethinc article about the 2020 uprisings and what we can learn from them ("Snapshots from the Uprising").

a couple additions to the gaylor archive
25 july: added archived links to a lovely queer reading on betty and a super extensive gaylor iceberg made by snotty on twitter.
in the coming days: adding quotes from taylor + some of my own lyric analasis.

projects page upd8!
if you want to know what my imminent plans for this site are and get a little insight into what else i'm working on, check out the projects page!

music recs drop #1!
added some songs to the music page!

What is The Heterosexual Contract? an exploration of Wittig's The Straight Mind and related works.
in this essay, i attempt to provide an explanation of the heterosexual contract that is faithful to wittig's original writings, but easier to understand. i dive into The Straight Mind and On the Social Contract and provide legal links to the full texts of those and more!

meme dump #1!
17 july 2023 memedump! added 10 memes to the gallery, including 5 fandom memes (stranger things, taylor swift, and jerma) enjoy!

all about HRT!
started a page to compile info about HRT! right now it has 2 PDFs from vancouver coastal health, one for MTF and one for FTM.

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